Tuesday, 25 December 2012

#2 : Functions


Yesterday, my junior in Form 3 asked me a question about Add Math - Functions. Wow! She is full with spirit. She already learnt Chapter 1. Haha, actually, I encouraged her to do so. I'm sorry, my English is so bad. Haha. Apa salahnya mencuba bukan? 

And her question sounded like this : 

First of all, we need to know in what group is fg(x). The function fg(x) is in Composite Functions. The question asks us to find f(x), while the function g(x) is already given. When either one of functions is given, next what we need to know is in which case it included. Refer to my post, Composite Functions, there are two cases. 
1. When we want to find the inside function
2. When we want to find the outside function

In this question, f(x) is the outside function. Then, we need to let g(x) = y, and express x in the term of y
So, can you find the answer? Try to find it, and check it with my answer. ^^ 

The solution is : 

 In your examinations, you can make as short as possible. As long as you can get the full marks. That's why, it is important to learn the mark scheme style from your own teacher. From the scheme, you can know when will you get mark, when will you get wrong and whatsoever. Haha. 

Berbelit lidah nak speaking. I'm trying. :D 

Jika fungsi itu fungsi di luar, maka perlu cara penggantian. Ingat tu! Good! You all are really awesome! Salute ah! Haha. 
Tajuk Linear Law lambat sikit nak publish. I'm facing difficulties with the graphs. I need to use Photoshop again. Since when I stop using Photoshop? I wonder? Hurmm .. Good Luck ye'alls!

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